This guide outlines a professional development plan for understanding and using The Continuum of Literacy Learning, PreK-8: A Guide to Teaching. The guide may be used by school-based staff developers with teachers, but can also be used by a study group of colleagues, by literacy coaches, or by district staff. Of course, the guide also may be used by teachers wishing to familiarize themselves with The Contiuum of Literacy Learning as they plan for teaching and assessing learning.


The guide contains seven modules:

Module 1: Interactive Read-Aloud/Literature Discussion Continuum

Module 2: Shared and Performance Reading Continuum, Working for Fluency

Module 3: Writing About Reading Continuum

Module 4: Writing Continuum

Module5: Oral, Visual, and Technological Continuum

Module 6: Phonics, Spelling, and word Study Continuum

Module 7: Guided Reading Continuum, Levels A-Z

The Continuum of Literacy Learning, Grades PreK-8, Second Edition